The Company

natura è piacereis the sauce line with exclusive ingredients: thousand years knowledge of our hands, Italian taste tradition, a unique history, sense of beauty, an unparalleled landscape…. Authentic Made in Italy elements.

Obviously, high quality and true artisan manufacturing:  for gourmet only.


The Company

We could tell you about such challenges we won and such ambitious goals we achieved: innumerable recognitions obtained, a lot of certifications gained, licenses set down..

But we want to tell you we make Italian sauces which have Italian genesis, Italian history and Italian production.

Our product is for aware and informed consumers.

We gained the Artisan Excellence by Piedmont Region, Bioagricert organic certification, AIC gluten free certification, we have two CE Logos, maximum hygiene and sanitary guarantee for consumers in Europe. Our organic gluten free ice cream is Kosher certificated and it owned the aimed Maestro del Gusto recognition by Slow Food.


Where we are

We are in Rivoli, a pretty town where nature and culture always weave together giving extraordinary results.

In the foreground, above residential area rises the unfinished Juvarra Castle. It is one of the delights, such as extra-urban residences were called and which represented leisure places to Savoia. Today the Castle is the location for a Contemporary Art museum.

In the background, over a spur of a rock mountain more than one thousand metres to Susa valley, there is the majestic San Michele Sacra contour that is one of the most spectacular abbey in Italy. The abbey dates back to a thousand years and it is an extraordinary testament of  European medieval history and religion. Here Alps mountain raise, covered with snow during winter. Through majestic and gorgeous shape they create a natural and dazzling background.

This magnificent  landscape is a gift we inherited and it makes us proud of being Italian.

“Three hundred men generations created Italian landscape. By sweat and tears, patience and technique, they drew it as appear to us nowadays” (G. Barbera-2012).

Tuttovo was born here more than twenty years ago.



In Tuttovo organic vocation arised naturally from a deep and rooted interest to natural nutrition by the owner Claudio Maria Fantolino.

Natura è Piacere was born from cooking passion and the idea of food like expression of Italian culture and history. It is the only organic sauces line which offers the high gastronomic tradition, ready to be tasted on your table.

Natura è Piacere shows a rich range of excellent flavours. These flavours derive from fragrant and measured herbs blends, spices and organic aromas. Fragrances and  tastes of Natura è Piacere sauces make daily meal into a pleasurable time span.

Gluten free

Each of Natura è Piacere sauce is gluten free and in no way it is contaminated because inside the industry no product contains gluten. All sauces are listed in AIC catalogue (Italian Celiac Association) which is the guide to purchase for people who suffer from gluten intolerance.


Without colourants, preservatives and GMOs free

In concordance with the organic EC Regulation  all products are without colourants nor  preservatives. They are also GMOs free which are banned from organic farming.


Where you can find our products

Tuttovo is an official supplier of the 24 IKEA Italia restaurants with the brand “Natura è Piacere”

Natura è Piacere line is commercialized both in Italy and abroad, it is sold to retail activity directly in excellence store exclusively: high quality butchery and gastronomy shops, wine shop, organic specialized shop.