Ethical choices

Products traceability: our responsibility for our consumers

Every day we are committed with choosing, as possible as it is, Italian raw materials from local areas. In this way we guarantee our consumers more savoury and fresh products in order to get rid of greenhouse gases, to protect biodiversity and to preserve  rural and mountain landscape.

We gained Bioagricert organic certification to assure healthy and safe products. Moreover, we have increased our HACCP control system.

Our production processes respect the environmental and territorial contest.

We make a careful use of resources and we avoid wastefulness.


Here is an example: our ketchup production process

ketchup production process

What does traceability mean?

Production chain traceability is the identification of the industries which gave their contribution to create a product. This kind of identification is based on monitoring  the products flows “from field to table”, that means from raw material producer to final consumer.

We well know that there is not just one subject giving the guarantee production chain, but all industries work together to create the product.

To identify the traceability it is not enough knowing geographic origin or knowing where the transformation and packaging were made. It is fundamental  to be acquainted with the names of the companies which took part in the production because they are responsible for.

The clue of our full transparency:
Here are all suppliers get involved into the production of our ketchup lines (organic, gluten free, vegan).

ketchup supplier network

Eco-friendly packaging: our care about nature

About packaging, we prefer using glass cans because they allow to maintain in optimal way organoleptic quality and the product remains intact.

For the packaging we have identified and we have chosen a plastic material which is the ECM. ECM does not damage the environment because the material decomposes at 97% in more than two years.

Sensibility and attention to safeguard the environment lead us to participate to EDEN project some years ago. The project  was in collaboration with University of Torino and thanks to the contribution of Chamber of Commerce of Torino.

EDEN project (which belonged to Architecture and Systemic Design Department of Luigi Bistagnino) aimed to an important reduction of the packaging impact on environment by Natura è piacere.

EDEN project

The purpose of EDEN project was to minimize production’s discards by recycling the package in all its parts. In this way the impact on environment was lower.

Doctor Paolo Tamborrini was the scientific consultant of EDEN project for Tuttovo. He is associate professor to DAD­-Architecture and Systemic Design Department.


Analysis example of one of our packaging in Eden Project

axonometric exploded view

The result from Eden project has been the awareness of the company about the impact the packaging had on eco-friendly system with the next choice of materials compatible with environment.

We have always paying attention to health and wellness

Modified starch is literally  a kind of powerful vegetable glue which derives from different plants, corn especially. In case in which it is extracted from GMO plants, it is GMO too.

Why it is so used in food for sale?

Because it allows producers to produce with lower costs.

In fact it allows to reduce and substitute in the recipe nutritious substances for waters. Here at “natura è piacere” we do not use it.

First of all because its use is not authorized by organic section because it is obtained through production processes that deprive farming product of their nutritious natural substances. We do not use modified starch- even though according to European EFSA it is not dangerous for health- because we believe that eating a real glue (in part not digestible by our intestine) is not recommended for our health.

It is important to consider the fact that the wide use of modified starch in food means that we eat it in large quantity every day. We do not use modified starch also because it substitutes the noble part of food to which it is added to. For this reason it impoverishes nutritious contribution related to vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and so on. If high quality of raw materials are used, it is not necessary to unify all recipe components with powerful glue!

This is why “natura è piacere” and all our products- included conventional ones- do not contain modified starch.