Certifications and Guarantees

The processing of the organic sauces “natura è piacere” occurs with patented mild technologies (soft technology) that don’tdamage the organoleptic characteristics of the products.
The exclusive production process preserves the natural characteristics of the products and maintains the precious heritage of vitamins and trace elements, fiber, color and, of course, the taste.

natura è piacere” implements the “cleaned” production processes, without preservatives nor stabilizers, to safeguard the health of its customers.The company is certified with the Bollo CEE Ovoprodotti, and is subjected to regular and systematic controls by the Veterinary Service of ’Asl To 3 in Rivoli (Turin).

In addition, the company uses from many years the system of HACCP autocertification to check the hygiene and traceability of its products.

The company has its own laboratory in which carries out product analysis on the biological raw materials and finished products.

Organic productions of the “natura è piacere” sauces are certified by Bioagricert  an institution recognized by the  Mnistero dell’Agricoltura. Bioagricert is an Independent Body Technical Inspection and Certification founded in 1984. In 1993 it obtained the recognition of the Ministry of Agriculture and of the Forestry National Body which approved the inspection and certification of organic products (as per of Reg. CEE 1991/2092 today Reg. U.E. 2007/834 – with Decree No. 17911/GL / 771), recognition, which is again confirmed the 29 July 2002, with a publication on the “Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana” (an official document of the Italian republic).

handbook of gluten-free products
 The organic certification guarantees that our products are:
  • made only with organic raw materials
  • not-genetically modified (OGM FREE)
  • without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and phytohormones
  • leggs come from hens fed with organic feeds at Km 0
  • raw materials are produced with natural techniques, respecting the ecological balance, to protect our health.

Our products are included in the Prontuario AIC ed. 2013 (“list of the foodstuffs AIC” 2013 edition), the guide for celiac consumers, and are suitable for a gluten-free diet

TUTTOVO srl has been collaborating for more than 20 years with Banco Alimentare
eccellenza artigianaSince 2008, the TUTTOVO has been recognized by the Piedmont Region “Eccellenza Artigiana“, brand which recognizes and values the artisan companies that have distinguished themselves for the quality of their productions.
it-ceThe TUTTOVO has two mark CE, for milk and eggs, which are a concrete and certain guarantee for consumers of its products. The company is therefore subject to continual and regular inspections by the Veterinary Service of ASL TO 3 of Rivoli.
haccpThe TUTTOVO implemented for years the system of HACCP according to the following EC regulations:

  • n °. 852.853 and 854/2004, no. 193/2007 (on the ‘hygiene)
  • n °. 178/2002 (on the traceability of food)
  • n °. 2073/2005 (on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs)

The sistem is checked by ASL TO 3 di Rivoli

UEAnd ‘the Community logo representing, from 2010, compliance with the control system of organic production (EC Regulation no. ° 834/2007).

The TUTTOVO produces organic foods since 1988.

bioagricertThe Bioagricert is the certification body and control of biological products, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and accredited by Sincert.

La Tuttovo srl is checked and certified by Bioagricert according to Regulation 834/07/CE and subsequent amendments and additions. Certificate of conformity of organic products N °. 00438/2012 Revision no. 01 of 11/04/2012.

Period of validity from 23/03/2012 to 23/09/2013.

aicTUTTOVO is a completely gluten free enterprise and all products have been around for more than a decade on Prontuario degli alimenti AIC 2013, Associazione Italiana Celiachia and guaranteed gluten-free.
slow-ice-creamEven the ice cream “biogelateria – Slow Ice Cream is guaranteed organic and gluten-free, this quarterly publication on AIC “Guida per l’alimentazione fuori casa.
maestri-del-gustoThe last field recognition that the TUTTOVO has received has been to ”Maestro del Gusto” 2013/2014.

As said Carlin Petrini, great patron of Slow Food: “The spirit, the know-how and determination that we bring these exceptional products should be transferred to all our other productive activities because they speak to us, beyond their intrinsic value, sensitive to the nature of humanity and the land … “.

JPGveganOKIt certifies vegan productions: no raw materials of animal origin are utilized in the processing phase nor it consists of an animal exploitation.

Several Tuttovo’s products are certificated VeganOK.