rice tartar sauce
organic and gluten-free products for restaurants
mayonnaise without eggs, Mexican, horseradish masion, mayonnaise creamy taste, Italian mayonnaise
special italian and international sauces
classic and balsamic ketchup
Salina capers sauce, garlic and anchovies sauce, green sauce
pesto without cheese, tomato sauce
vinaigrette with fine herbs, vinaigrette with mustard
ketchup with apple juice, ketchup with hemp and goji, soy mayonnaise with salvia officinalis, soy mayonnaise with hemp sativa, soy mayonnaise with goji berries
rice mayonnaise without eggs, pesto without cheese, mustard creamy taste


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organic mayonnaises and sauces
grilled fish
white meat
raw vegetables


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Ethical Choise

Our care for our consumers

natura è piacere

Every day we dedicate to choose local raw materials, Italian too, to guarantee our consumers more savoury and fresh products.
Our choice contributes to get rid of greenhouses gases, to protect biodiversity and to preserve rural and mountain landscape.

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natura è piacere

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