Tartar Sauce


tartar sauce

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Tartar Sauce
Fragrant and delicate

Scented and fragrant as an odorous aromatic herbs bouquet.

Excellence Features

It is a mayonnaise with fine herbs, parsley, chives, tarragon. It absorbs all these aromas. The harmony of the aromatic bouquet gives to natura è piacere” Tartar Sauce a balanced and rich taste.

Nutricional fact for 100 gr

Energy Value

kcal 653,0

kj 2.688,0


g 0,1


g 1,1


g 1,0


g 72

saturated fat 

g 8


It is a very versatile sauce, excellent with chicken and cold or grilled meat. It is excellent with shellfish and boiled, grilled or en papillote fish.

white meat
grilled fish
combinations taste with sauces
raw vegetables
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Way of Preservation

At room temperature. After opening the packaging, to be preserved in the fridge.

conservation term icon


15 months.

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Glass bottle 130g with security cap twist-off.
Glass bottle 30g with security cap twist-off.

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Sales Packaging

Plastic biodegradable blister 6 pieces. – glass bottle 130 g.
Carton 40 pieces for the dose 30 g.

Other formats to try ours tartar sauce HORECA

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450 kg

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