Italy has the first international place in food. Made in Italy products also have the record for food safety. 99% of food that has been analyzed show chemical residues below limits established by law. Is maybe for this reason that Italian food is the most required by foreign countries?

From Istat dates (Italian National Statistics Institute), result that Italy has exported 37 billions of euros in food in 2015. Which countries require more made in Italy products? On the top there are Germany, France, USA and United Kingdom . More specifically, demands from USA and United Kingdom have increased respectively +19,7 and +8,6%.

The export is more concentrated on wines with 5,4 billions of euros, followed by bread , pasta and farinaceouses with 3,6 billions and vegetables with 3,4 billions. During the last two years, demands for mineral water have increased (+21%), grains and vegetables (+15,5), tea and coffee (11,2%).

Made in Italy food also arrives to Japan, Canada, Australia and China. There is a strong export increase in China for milk, starch, coffee and wines (+34%). Australia have been asking a lot for pasta and precooked food.

In 2016 export have been increased reaching record of 38 billions of euros. Also last year, the product most acquired abroad has been wine.

Which are Italian cities that export more? The main city is Verona with 2,7 billions of euros, followed by Cuneo, Parma, Milano, Bolzano, Salerno, Napoli and Firenze.

We were also aware that Italian food was the favourite by foreign people, but now, the numbers demonstrate that it is true! Made in Italy on the table increases among the main foreign markets.