One-third of fruit and vegetable products is contaminated by pesticides. Why a big part of farmers use these chemical substances even if organic alternatives exist? Pesticides are  chemical substances employed to increase agricultural production considerably. They are also used to  defend cultivation from parasites, fungus and insects. When pesticides are employed to fertilize the ground, foods are contaminated and so, they are extremely dangerous for human health.

From last researches by Legambiente(*), fruit and vegetable products which are contaminated by chemical substances are 36,4%. From 2014 to 2015 the percentage of contaminated products  has been increased from 0,7% to 1,2%. The most dangerous products? Spices coming from India such as chili peppers, goji’s berries, turmeric and dry fig; strawberries, olives and broccoli from Egypt, mushrooms and ginger from China. A striking case is that of green tea. Green tea is healthy, but obviously, when it is not contaminated by chemical substances.

Green tea is contaminated by a mix of 21 chemical substance, while in berries have been analyzed 20 different chemical molecules! It is not less important the percentage in grape (also for wine), which has been contaminated by 7, 8 or 9 different substances. Does it mean that we should avoid eating these foods? Obviously not! It is important to pay attention to the origin of products, and by trusting in organic farming we will know that cultivation has not been subjected to chemical alteration.

How fertility can be guaranteed? And how cultivation can be defended from parasites without using pesticides? Clarify in this article all organic techniques used for protecting the ground should be too long. For this reason, we will write briefly just one of the techniques employed for pushing away parasites, in order to demonstrate that it is absolutely not necessary using chemical substances.

rotazione biologicaIn organic agriculture are used organic fertilizers and specific techniques in order to make the ground the most fertile as possible it is. Crop rotation is one of the organic techniques whose aim is to prevent parasite’s proliferation, to maintain fecundity of the ground and to guarantee an excellent production. This technique, is based on the alternation of two different plants in the same part of ground. In this way, nutritious substances can be maintained in the ground.

To be sure about what we eat, the most important thing to do is reading the label of products we buy, in order to comprehend the origin. It is important not only geographic origin but also the type of farming (if it is organic, is clearly specified).

Protect environment by chemical substances and protect our health by eliminating dangerous foods full of pesticides!