People talk a lot about organic farming saying that it is based on the safeguard of environment and on the respect of animals. What does it exactly means? Did you know that there are some specific rules about how many animals can be bred for each hectare of land? If you think about a part of land where cows and hens are bred, surely, the first image will appear in your mind will be a fenced area full of cows and hens. These animals have just a little space where they can move. This is a normal procedure for traditional farming in cage. Now, get rid of this image and think about a land where the number of cows and hens is limited. Unreal?

Not. Just organic!

Organic farm animals is based on the full respect of environment and animals’ welfare. In an hectare of land just 2 cows and 230 hens can be bred. Little? It is the right number to not pollute the land excessively. In this way animals can live well. These are the two main principles on which organic farming is based on. Why is so important that the maximum number (for hectare of land) of animals must be respected?

The ground absorbs animals’ excrements which pass through subsoil arriving until plants and water. The ground can absorb just a little quantity of excrements, otherwise, it becomes toxic. For this reason in base of how many quantity of nitrogen substance (excrements) an animal can produce, it is calculated  the number of animals that can stay in a part of land. It has been calculated that an hectare of ground can absorb 170 KG of excrements. By respecting the number of animals, the ground will be less polluted than a part of ground where all animals crowd together. Having a ground not polluted is fundamental for animal’s welfare. In this way we can obtain from animals genuine foods.

To produce in the most natural way, it is important that animal’s eating is based on vegetable organic food. It must not be stressed and it must not have administered antibiotics. Stress derives from excessive animal crowd which conventional farming is based on. Also eating method is source of stress: each animal in cage has a daily percentage of food. Moreover, the normal night/day cycle, is altered because in this way the animal is forced to produce a lot.

Animals which derive from organic farming live in open spaces, they are generally nursed with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines do not altered the normal function of animal’s organism and of their products.

If we eat products from organic animals, we certainly know that the product is genuine because the animal has not been in contact with a polluted ground and that rules of organic farming have been respected.