Km0 organic farming is an eco-friendly philosophy. Km0 food derives from short supply chain. What does short supply chain mean? Differently from long supply chain where a lot of passages from field to consumers are employed, short supply chain provides a little number between producer and consumer. To understand better the difference, we can make an example of long and short supply chain.

How many km travel food before arriving on our table? And how much influence it has on environment?

Of course, you would not imagine that many products before arriving on our table, they travel more than 1.900 Km on trucks, ships and planes. A trunk which travels so many km, it emanates a lot of greenhouses gases. The big number of products packaging should not be underestimated. Long supply chain is not only dangerous for environment, moreover, it does not guarantee the product s freshness.

When we buy food deriving from short supply chain we are sure that it derives from production areas that are no more than 70 Km far from where consumers are. In addition to, in km0 food the packaging is reduced. This is why it does not cause pollution.

Km0 transfers should be within the smallest time so that raw materials maintain its freshness and its qualities. Moreover, means of transport should have the smallest impact on environment (rail transport). Km0 means that passages have been reduced so that, the consumer should have a direct contact with producer. In this way, we should have security on the origin and quality of food.

Choosing km0 food is perfect to have more guarantee. Eating km0 food is a trend so diffused in Italy. It should not be just a trend but a real life philosophy in order to live better and eat healthy!