It is one of the favourite main course of Italian people and it has a lot of healthy properties! Rice comes from Asia and it is one of the most eaten cereal in the world. Italy is the first European producer. Almost 5000 types of rice exist, and they are divided depending from the size of the grain. In Italy there are 140 types and the most known of rice are: Arborio, Carnaroli, Venere (black rice), Basmati (Indian variery), Vialone Nano, Parboiled and others…

Which properties does rice possess?

  • It is without gluten, and so, it is perfect to celiac people
  • It regulates intestinal flora
  • It has a lot of potassium and few sodium, so it is indicate to those people who suffer from hypertension
  • It has a little quantity of glycaemia
  • If it is integral, it is rich in fibres
  • It protects kidneys

Rice is very easy to digest and our organism can assimilate the most part of nutritious substances it contains. So, is pasta more digestive? Yes, it is! We need just two hours to digest rice in contrast with three or four hours needed to digest pasta. Rice is rich in Vitamins B  and among nutritious substances there are a lot of minerals: zinc, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, calcium.

Thanks to high amount of starch, which obstacles fermentation, rice is so recommended for intestinal disturbs. Its nutritious properties make it an excellent detoxify, refreshing and astringent.

Do you know which is the type of rice with less fatty than the others? Here are some curiosities about rice:

Basmati rice is that which is less fatty than other types. It is excellent as main course! The black rice is the most rich in proteins! Just think about the fact that it contains twice proteins than the common white rice. It is excellent for vegetable s Italian risotto!

Rice is not just an exceptional main course. It is a very versatile food and it can be used for extracting so many products. Let s see some products that can be extracted from rice: rice milk, rice oil, rice flour, rice pasta, rice cream, rice vinegar, rice mayonnaise and so on…

Rice gives to products extracted by it, many of its properties. So, we could add in our nutrition some appetizing food, why not?