natura è piacere, Rivoli’s company in Turin, produces biological/gluten-free sauces and condiments and now presents a new line of holistic products composed of

This line of sauces are VeganOk, really healthy and flavors your dishes with a refined taste. Innovation, environmental friendliness and high quality have always been the values that natura è piacere decided to follow in order to create products meeting the consumer’s needs while taking his/her health into high consideration.

Thanks to these new products the company intends to revolutionize the world of sauces, by transforming mayonnaise, vinaigrette and ketchup into “functional foods”, foods with a high healthy valence thanks to their unique ingredients:

Salse olistiche nutraceutiche biologiche e veganemayonnaise – flagships of natura è piacere has been enriched with the cold pressed oil coming from Hemp seeds, so as with Goji berries and with Salvia officinalis, and new and original sauces have been created.
the vinaigrette has been sublimated by the encounter with the goji berries and the hemp oil and it has become a condiment full of everything a vegetarian or a vegan needs to complete the dishes based on raw or cooked vegetables.
ketchup, one of the most popular sauces, is sweetened with 30% concentrated apple juice, using all the amazing properties of the apples.

natura è piacere – pursuing the idea of creating innovative products with a refined taste – has decided to use soy – a legume that comes originally from China – for its new mayonnaise because of its extraordinary nutritional and therapeutic properties.
Soy is an excellent vegetable-protein provider and therefore a good substitute of meat. It also reduces cholesterol and helps to prevent some forms of cancer thanks to to the presence of phytoestrogens and isoflavonoids.
A reliable healthy touch for our health.

Five new “Wellness Sauces” for a line of innovative VeganOk products.