Why should we trust on Made in Italy? First of all because Italy is the most agricultural Country of Europe! From the moment in which economic crisis has begun, most of Italian businessmen started to invest on ecologically sustainable. In the last three years, according to Coldiretti, industries that produce renewable energy, have increased of 603% while the 97,8% is referred to the recycling of materials.

Which is the solution? Less environmental impact, advantages in export, in innovation and sales volume too. In fact, sales volume is more than doubled in comparison to other industries. Italy is on the second position, next to Germany, for reusing packaging (66,9% against 71,8%). A careful use  of resources is very important in order to safeguard the environment.

Among European Countries, Italy has the most high number of industries which cultivate organic (43.852 industries), the most extended net of Km0 agricultural industries, and moreover, it has the record  in biodiversity (55.600 animal species and 7.636 vegetables species). The protection of biodiversity is possible thanks to  the prohibition of cultivating GMO. GMO are more diffused than we can think! Among 28 Countries of European Union, 23 cultivate GMO.

Differently from other Countries, Made in Italy food farming have chemical residues below law limits (0,2%, a third less than previous year). We will talk about environmental benefits thanks to the recycling of materials, KM0 farming and about damages caused by GMO in next articles.

According to Minister of food farming, Italy is European Country with the mayor number of food certifications referred to products that indicate their geographical origins. They are recognized by European Union (288 DOP, IGP and STG products).

Numbers demonstrate that Italian products quality is so high and that our farming is going to renew through processes with regard to environmental safeguard.

If we want to safeguard our health, firstly, we have to safeguard the environment!