Tinca Dorata del Pianalto di Poirino (PAT): Literally, “Brown Tench of the Poirino Uplands”, it is a highly esteemed variety of tench (gobba) found in the shallow, warm and muddy waters of the Piorino Uplands, an area rich in lakes. It is a different type of tench to the others present in Italy’s Padania territory and the rest of Europe, as it has adapted to this type of habitat characterised by such cloudy and muddy waters. It is probably for this reason that it has assumed a camouflage colouring tending towards brown. This variety is eaten when it reaches a weight of 100 grams, i.e. when it is still relatively small and has soft flesh and a thin, tasty skin. Present in the traditional cooking of the Roero area, the classic recipe requires it to be fried and then marinaded, and is an ingredient in the traditional Piedmontese Carpione sauce. There is a consortium dedicated to the farmers of this fish in the Piorino Upland territory (“Consorzio della Tinca Gobba Dorata del Pianalto”) whose objective is to improve, promote and increase the production of this particular type of fish.

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