Tagli di Carne Bovina (Cuts of Beef): They can be classified, based on the quantity of connective, muscle, bone and adipose tissues present in the various parts of the animal, into three categories: Primal, Second and Third Cuts. Primal Cut: includes the most expensive and esteemed cuts from the rear quarter of the animal, excellent for rapid cooking and for consumption with little seasoning, either grilled or fried. Second Cut: less esteemed cuts of meat from the front quarter of the animal, ideal for longer cooking, such as roasting. Third Cut: meat from the front quarter ideal for slow cooking, like boiling, stewed and braised beef. The names of the cuts in Italian are as follows: 1. Premium Cut; 2. Infuori; 3. Fesa; 4. Scamone; 5. Rotonda; 6. Fiocco; 7. Gallinella; 8. Geretto; 9. Sottofiletto; 10. Costata; 11. Filetto; 12. Muscolo; 13. Fermo di Spalla; 14. Rotondino di Spalla; 15. Arrosto della Vena; 16. Punta di Petto; 17. Tenerone; 18. Brutto e Buono; 19. Scaramella; 20. Biancostato.

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