Prodotti Sottovetro (Food Products Preserved in Glass Containers): Any foodstuff sold in glass containers and covered in natural substances with the objective of prolonging its preservation period. One possible method of classification could be based on the natural substance used to preserve a particular product. Governing liquids can be used both for vegetables, such as Carmagnola Peppers (Peperoni di Carmagnola PAT), Ivrea Spring Onions (Cipolline di Ivrea PAT) or Tiglione Valley Artichokes, and certain types of fruit, such as the Madernassa Cuneese Pear (Pera Madernassa Cuneese PAT), The Round Apricot of Costigliole (Albicocca Tonda di Costigliole PAT) or Volpedo Peaches (Pesche di Volpedo PAT). Moreover, ethyl alcohol and spirits can be used, such as with Rivarone Cherries (Ciliegia di Rivarone PAT – the “Durone di Rivarone” variety). Olive oil or seed oil can also be used, as is the case with the Mushrooms of the Piedmontese Valleys, honey for Susa Valley Chestnuts (Marroni della Valle di Susa PAT), and even a sodium chloride solution for anchovies and capers. There are also other types of “products in jars”, including preserves (for example, the Small Fruits of the Cuneo Valleys, Piccoli Frutti delle Valli Cuneesi PAT), pickles (Mostarda d’Uva and Mostarda di Mele), fruit juices or tomato sauces and pureès.

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