Murazzano (DOP): Full fat cheese with a raw paste made with pure sheep’s milk (the native “Pecora delle Langhe” breed) or a blend of sheep’s (60% minimum) and cow’s (40% maximum) milk, it is produced in the “Alta Langa” region in the areas surrounding Murazzano. It has a cylindrical form and flat ends with a diameter of 10 to 15 cm. It has a lateral surface around 3-4 cm tall and weighs between 250 and 400 grams. It has no rind and the colour of its exterior varies from milk white to straw yellow depending on how long it has matured. The paste is milk white, soft and finely granular, with almost imperceivable holes. Its flavour is sweet and delicate. “Plinio il Vecchio”, in his “Naturalis historia” spoke of the goodness of a certain sheep’s milk, “robiole”, produced in the Langa area, and subsequently, Pantaleone da Confienza (see Summa Lacticiniorum) underlined the dairy producing capabilities of the Langhe, singing the praises of the La Morra (La Mora caseus) cheese, produced in an area between Cerretto and Ceva, as one of the best in Italy.

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