Marchio Eccellenza Artigiana (Mark of Artisan Excellence): A mark awarded by the Regional Authority of Piedmont, testifying to the “Artisan Excellence” of firms in Piedmont dedicated to the promotion and safeguarding of typical high quality and artistic craft products which risk disappearing from the territory. At the same time, the mark aims to promote the development of new professions, with their foundations based on the artisan skills acquired and that guarantee continuity and success to small Piedmontese producers. The sectors covered by this initiative are: wood working, wood restoration, jewellery, ceramics, art printing, bookbinding, textiles and clothing, embroidery, glass working, musical instruments, common metals, “other artistic craft activities”, and food production (currently divided into the following eight sectors: dairy; chocolate, sweets and nougat; spirits, liqueurs, beer and roasted products; gastronomy and food preserved in glass containers; bread; fresh, dry and filled pasta; fresh cream cakes, biscuits, ice cream; cured meats). Those artisans judged to be ‘excellent’ are permitted to display the mark.

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