Finanziera: A typical Piedmontese dish, particularly characteristic of the Asti area. The name “Finanziera” supposedly derives from the jacket worn by Torinese notables and businessmen of the 19th century, who were among those who habitually ate this dish, particularly successful with the Piedmontese aristocracy. Other sources suggest that the origin lies in the fact that the dish was used as currency by farmers for the paying of taxes to the guards (or their revenue officers, or “finanzieri” in Italian) in order to be allowed into town. The tax was mainly composed of chicken giblets, which still remains one of the most important ingredients of this recipe. In reality, it appears much more likely that the dish was born of basic utility, so that even the less obvious and most perishable parts of animals could be used. Today, the recipe requires that crests, wattles, scraps, chicken liver, beef fillets, rump and veal are cooked with mushrooms in oil, vinegar, butter and Marsala.

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