Copete (PAT): Little cakes composed of two round wafers (around 10 cm each) filled with walnuts and/or hazelnuts mixed with honey or caramelled sugar. The finished product has a thickness of about 1 cm. They are produced in Dogliani (Cuneo) and in the Monregalese area between November and January. The “Coppette di S. Antonio” (PAT) are a variation on the theme, prepared in the Tortona (Alessandria) area to celebrate the feast of Sant’Antonio (17th January), and are composed of two square wafers (about 8 centimetres) filled with caramelled nuts and honey. The wafers are mainly constituted by wheat flour. These cakes confirm an ancient tradition with its origins in medieval monasteries, when the monks prepared biscuits and cakes often using the same techniques they used in the preparation of communion bread. The term “Copete” probably derives from cop, meaning “tile”.

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