Cioccolatino (Chocolate(1)): A bite-sized piece of solid chocolate which comes in various shapes and is frequently filled with liqueur or other ingredients. They are sometimes individually wrapped in coloured paper. According to current legislation, chocolate must account for at least 25% of the total weight of the product. In Piedmont, cocoa-based sweets remained a luxury until the middle of the 1900s, and were a sign of festivity and privilege, even though chocolate was one of the first products to benefit from modern processing techniques, and the industrial development of chocolate production in Italy began in Piedmont and Lombardy towards the end of 1875. A Piedmontese man by the name of Doret is credited with the creation of the first hydraulic machine designed to refine cocoa paste. Among the numerous chocolates which have made Turin and Piedmont famous in Italy and beyond, we can cite the Alpine Chocolate, Cremino Chocolate, Grappino Chocolate, Giandujotto, Baci di Cherasco etc.

Cioccolatino Alpino (PAT): A chocolate originating from Turin, with a cone shape and wrapped in a pirottino of silver coloured aluminium. It is composed of an outer shell made of Gianduja

Chocolate and a cream filling containing a liqueur made with aromatic herbs. The Piedmont Hazelnut (Nocciola Piemonte PGI) is one of the ingredients of both the external layer and the filling of this chocolate. The “Alpine” formula was created in 1922 and it would seem that its name was suggested by the Officers of the Alpine Regiment, whose barracks were next door to the headquarters of the firm that created it.

Cioccolatino Cremino (PAT): A chocolate of Piedmontese origin, characterised by a square shape and by a chocolate cream filling containing hazelnuts, coffee or lemon, sandwiched between two layers of Gianduja Chocolate. These chocolates are usually wrapped in aluminium foil and a thin paper band. The first documents testifying to the production of “Cremini” in Turin date back to 1934. A variation on this type of chocolate was presented in Turin in 1911 by a firm from Bologna, to mark the launch of the FIAT Type 4 “Saetta del Re” motor car. This reflects how well-known the “Cremini” were as early as the beginning of the 20th century.

Cioccolatino Grappino (PAT): A chocolate originating from Turin with a shape that recalls a small stylised bottle, and characterised by the presence of a liquid filling containing Grappa matured in oak casks. It is wrapped in aluminium foil and a paper band.

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