Cevrin (PAT): A fatty cheese made with pasteurised whole cow’s and goat’s milk, mixed in varying quantities according to availability and the cheesemaker’s personal preference. It is produced in the Sangone Valley in the province of Turin. In the past, it was made entirely with unpasteurised goat’s milk. It has a cylindrical shape and flat ends with a diameter of 12-16 cm, and its lateral surface is practically straight with a height of 3-4 cm. Its unit weight can reach up to a kilo, its rind is hard and has a reddish colour, and the paste is quite firm but elastic, with a strawyellow colour and occasional holes. The flavour varies according to how long it is left to mature, the mixture of milk used at the begining, and what the animals were fed on. The cheeses are left to mature on stagere (see stagera) on a bed of rye straw for at least 3 months.

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