If they want to trust on organic farming it is important that the food we buy have certifications. Starting from 1 July 2010, all organic farming are obligated to have Europe Union Logo. The aim of UE logo is that of giving more guarantee to consumers on products we buy.

Which guarantees?

  • Production respects nature
  • Food is produced in eco-friendly way
  • Producers are controlled once a year in order to ensure that organic farming laws are respected
  • Animals are open air bred
  • Production is GMO FREE

THE Logo is a guarantee that the product has been controlled and certified by following laws of European Community. It indicates that the 95% of ingredients are bred by following organic farming. Together with this Logo, must be visible controlling codes. Each member State has a code of the institution of certification. Under the code must be written the place where raw materials have been cultivated. So, there will must be the name of the State from which raw materials derive.

European Union is not the only we can find on the packaging. Also private Logos can be associated with. Are certifications enough to guarantee the production origin of organic food? In addition to certifications it is also important respecting labels rules. UE reg provides that all Countries must ensure a clear information on products on commerce. The list of ingredients refers to  all substances employed in the production. By following decreasing order.

Also allergens must be written, and presence of vegetables oil too. The origin must be indicated. Labels of organic food must have the name of the product or distributor which have managed the production for the last time.

We should be aware for what we eat by knowing the origin and all processes of food production.

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