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Pomodori ripieni di tofu, bulgur asparagi e maionese di soia

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I pomodori ripieni sono una ricetta vegetariana e vegana veloce perfetta per un antipasto, primo, contorno o anche piatto unico.

Salmon rolls: all of the tastes from the sea

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[:it]Peperoni ripieni alla salsa andalusa [:en]Stuffed peppers with andalusa sauce

Stuffed peppers with Andalusa sauce

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Wash and dry the peppers. keep off the peduncle, seeds and white filaments. Cut them at three quarters high. Rinse the sultana raisin, mince the olives, the capers, the… Read More »

[:en]Fish and vegetables with aioli [:it]Pesce e verdura con aioli

Fish and vegetables with Aioli

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Boil separately fish and vegetables. Arrange the fish in the middle of the platter, surrounded by the hot vegetables, the eggs, the war tomatoesgarnish the plate with leaf… Read More »

[:en]Fresh salmon served with sauces [:it]and dillSalmone fresco servito con salse e finocchio

Bioled Salmon

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Leave the salmon boiling in court-bouillon for half an hour. Dunk the salmon and cook at low flame for 45/60 minutes. Pull it out and remove the skin.

[:en[ Meat grilled [:it]Carne grigliata

Mixed grilled meat

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Ease the salmon down in a hot plate and serve it with  Tartara, Green Pepper, Classic Ketchup, Hot Ketchup, Barbecue Ketchup, Mustard and Indiana “natura è piacere”.

[:en]Sauces [:it]Salse


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If you want to offer an extraordinary bourguignonne, choose excellent meat, extra virgin olive oil and serve it with  Aïoli, Green Pepper, Tartara, Indiana Mustard, Classic Ketchup,Barbecue Ketchup, Truffle… Read More »