The mission of Tuttovo company is to offer healthy, genuinenatural, organic, certified and gluten free products, guaranteeing at the same time the taste and certainty of the food.

For this reason we choose for you organic, Italian, gluten free raw materials, without lactose, colorants nor preservatives.

Tuttovo company was born as organic and glute free in 1984. It produced  egg products and semi-finished products made of eggs for the food industry.

In 1991 Tuttovo company was awarded with the Oscar for the most innovative product at the Salone Internazionale del Cibus in Parma.

In 1996 Tuttovo company started producing organic and gluten free sauces.

In the first 2000s Tuttovo obtained the award of the “Eccellenza Artigiana” of the Piedmont Region both for gastronomy and for ice cream. Indeed it is the first Italian company to obtain the EEC certification of the eggs transformation process.

From 2010 to 2013 has been awarded with the coveted Slow Food certification,  “Maestro del Gusto”, for his ice-cream, unique in the market for quality and taste.